Sunday, 23 June 2013

Magrunner Dark Pulse PC FLT (Direct Links) free download

In the near future, in 2050, by the talented young people selected to participate in the program Grvkzbr "Meg" single for space exploration participate. Individuals selected for participation in this program using gloves Grvkzbr must solve strange mysteries that are on their way, to solve the puzzles that are excreted or absorbed by objects pay the magnetic gloves are. But when an earthquake occurred and ruined all the trainings will provide something for these people to live for all of life, to live a turned out to be competition scary! Magrunner mind games and examines your feedback! One-meg using gloves, you can carry objects with red and green markers. Two objects attract each other that have the same color, while the two objects repel each other with different colors! This simple mechanism is an enormous range of possibilities that you can approach. The fate of humanity is in your hands and mind!

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