Monday, 6 May 2013

Delicious Deluxe - Restaurant Cooking Game

Delicious Deluxe - Restaurant cooking game
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Delicious Deluxe - Restaurant cooking game

There are some jobs where you have to do your duties all day long. Emily is in such a situation so help her cope with everyday chores. Her dream is to open a chain of restaurants but to be a manager of the restaurant you have to work hard. You will have to roll your sleeves in order to help Emily in Delicious Deluxe. A new customer comes in and thinks for a while before ordering. Click on the machine icons to prepare the desired dish and then it will appear on a tray. It is not very large at first so you have to walk back and forth several times. Different customers come to the restaurant - some of them, like business ladies, are in a hurry so it will be better to serve them faster. Others, like grandmothers, can wait for some time communicating with the other clients. Customers pay for their meals after finishing them, moreover two clients may pay at the same time and it will bring you additional points. If clients are happy with the service they will leave some tips. Those who are sitting at tables leave dirty dishes when they have finished their meal. Don't forget to clear the tables because new clients won't sit if everything is in mess. In Delicious Deluxe you have to earn a fixed sum of money every day in order to continue your work next day. It is very cozy restaurant: beautiful flowers on the tables, pleasant music, and a menu full of delicious items. You won't be able to stop playing Delicious Deluxe game! 


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