Thursday, 18 April 2013

Quantum Theory PS3 Game

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Quantum Theory, as the name suggests, is a game that contains a good dose of fiction, but immerses players into pure action. The formula is well known by most players, since the game follows the line of the booming franchise from Epic Games, Gears of War Tecmo, however, tries to captivate gamers with even more chaos and fantasy with elements present in Quantum Theory.

Syd, the main character of the plot, should make a strong partnership with Fillena to face the Living Tower (a kind of tower that is modified so that the protagonists approach it) and a number of enemies "viscous" and challenging. Syd has a good variety of weapons and, in case, leaves a free hand to arms dedicated to hand-to-hand.

The game is intriguing because it tries to present different characteristics in changing environments. In addition, the online modes collaborate to inject a good dose of fun to the players, as well as technical resources. The graphics and sounds correspond to the technical capacity of next-generation consoles and arouse the curiosity of fans of beatings and shootings.

File Info:
Platform: Playstation 3
Size: 5.74 GB
Unlock: CFW 3:55
Wheel in Internal HD: YES


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