Monday, 11 March 2013

GTA San Andreas ( Snow Mod ) Full Version Free Download

New modes for SA! Nthm we have winter! All in the snow, roads, mountains, winter , the snow machines and frost, dress for warmer! Maud does not require the original, added new , , weapons, missions, and much more .

Features (Short overview)
- size of the mod (1000 MB gross)
- automatic
- more than 1700 textures replaced (inc. LOD)
- 100% of map in snow
- Snowfall (press CTRL+[Num+])
- Tires makes Snow noise while breaking
- Full mIRC InGame
- Wetahercontrol (press 1 to switch on the Weather menue)
- Start/Stop (press Up-key and Down-key)
- free movable Camera (press K)
- carspawner included (press 2)
- 290 options (Only with GAMI Version)
- more 150 new vehicles
- over 30 new clothes
- icicles
- NPC´s do more drift crashes
- realistic handling
- photo-realistic snow textures
- footsteps on the pavement
- on the lanes
- tracks during braking
- snow reflection on the vehicles
- Xenon and LED headlights
- adjusted sea water
- snow on tires
- new high-res interior textures
- additional vegetation
- adjusted objects
- new rims and tires
- new weapons
- new parts
- new missions
- Vehicle Showroom in "Ottos Carsaloon"
- 14 eastereggs
- advertising panel
- start new not necessary* (If have SA V1.00)
- and many many more!
System requirements:
CPU 1.5 GHz
RAM256 Mb
128 Mb  
In the folder with the game there is a program to improve the on / off Shift + F12
Who NOT START SAgfxHack.exe and it through the game.
Snowfall (who does not start) to include NumPad then hold CTRL and PLUS FOR NUMPAD'E! 1 times - low level of snow 2 - higher 3 - more than 4 - the maximum, again - off!
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