Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Soul Calibur V PS3 Game Free Download

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Soul Calibur V PS3 Game Free Download
I am no fighting game aficionado so when I say Soul Calibur is the best fighting game series in existence you,ll have to keep in mind that I am not the sort of person who can remember elaborate combos or who counts frames or thinks about things like what counter is best for what attack. No I come to Soul Calibur because unlike other fighting games I can. While the likes of Street Fighter clearly have the bigger fan base I simply can't get in to most games of this genre because its like looking at a 1000 word puzzle and being told I have a minute to solve it before the floor beneath me collapses. 
I imagine this is the same feeling many gamers have towards Real Time Strategy games which I am actually deeply entrenched in to the point of understanding all their minutia and deeper mechanics and sub-systems. The reason I bring up RTS in particular is because I think it serves my point well to describe Soul Calibur as the “Blizzard game” of fighting games, specifically in regards to how a studio like Blizzard is very - and rightfully so, concerned at making their games as accessible to as many people as possible. Namco is no different when it comes to the likes of Soul Calibur 5. 
The few times I managed to find people to fight I got a good mix myself and had a great time, despite losing most. This brings me to a weird choice on the character roster part. Almost every fighting style from the past games returns but the characters who once represented them are now either sidelined or don't show up at all. SC5 is set 17 years after 4 and so it makes sense for a large number of the cast to be changed but when some of the removed characters are replaced with even more generic, less memorable ones it makes the decision seem odd at best. 
Soul Calibur V PS3 Game Free Download
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